An Explanation of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah Part 1: Introduction

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An Explanation of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah front pageAn Explanation of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah pt.1 Intro



Alhamdulillah wassalatu wassalamu ala Rasoolillah wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wassalam tasleeman katheeran


An explanation of the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah is a document put together using notes taken from an in-depth and detailed course on this topic. The notes were taken as comprehensively as possible during lessons, however in certain places where anything had been missed out and also to expand on the explanation of some of the Names, content has been used from the Names and Attributes posts from the website ‘understandquran.com.’ The content from this website is in grey coloured font. Qu’ran ayat, ahadith and quotes have been added to enhance the notes wherever suitable.

May Allah reward the people behind the course and the posts on the understandquran website, and may accept the efforts in putting this piece of knowledge together and sharing it.

May we all benefit from these notes and apply what we learn in our lives, aameen.


To proceed:


The most excellent and the most perfect of ‘ilm is to learn about Allah. To know about Him; about His Actions and about His Names and Attributes.


Allah says:


So know, [O Muhammad], that there is no deity except Allah and ask forgiveness for your sin and for the believing men and believing women. And Allah knows of your movement and your resting place. [Muhammad 47: 19]


Imam Bukhaari and others say that this ayah is proof that Allah has made fard the ilm about Him before action, because ilm comes before tawbah in the ayah and tawbah is an action. Therefore it is vital to learn about Allah.


Knowledge of the Names of Allah is the basis for all other knowledge. Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Knowledge of the Most Beautiful Names of Allah is the basis of all other kinds of knowledge, for all of these other branches of knowledge are devoted to either a command or a creation of His.” [Badaa'i' al-Fawaa'id (1/163)].


Ibn al-Qayyim says one of the reasons for gaining the of love for Allah is : Making the heart aware of His Names and Attributes, giving it the opportunity of walking in the orchards of this knowledge, because whoever knows Allah with His Names, Attributes and Acts will certainly love Him. The knowing person is the one who knows Allah with His Names, Attributes and Acts, and then become sincere in his dealings with Allah, and then sincerely dedicate his intentions and purposes to Allah. [Madarij as Salikeen]


Aims of studying the Names and Attributes of Allah.

  1. To gain closeness to Him through the knowledge of His Names and Attributes
  2. To increase and have better muhabba and khawf for Him, to know and obey His Orders, and to fully submit to His Decree
  3. To connect to the most beautiful Names of Allah with every minute of our life, by knowing, learning, memorising and understanding these Names with our hearts and by showing them in our actions.
  4. To use these Names when making du’a as Allah mentions: And to Allah belong the best Names, so invoke Him by them. [al Aa'raaf 7:180] The more Names you know, the easier it will be to connect oneself to Allah, by remembering the relevant Names and to get solace and relief in times of stress and worries and to connect each situation we go through with the specific Names of Allah that link to our situations.


The slave of Allah must adorn his heart and fill it with the ilm of Allah. When this is instilled in the heart, the person begins to act the way Allah wants him to act – sincerely, perfectly and truly. His characteristics will become like those of Allah, for example he knows Allah is Ar-Rahman so he becomes merciful towards people, he knows Allah is generous so he begins to be generous towards people etc. The person starts taking from the characteristics of Allah. The ilm of Allah will change our hearts and it will change our lives. We will begin to see Allah differently as we gain knowledge of His Names and Attributes and this will change the relationship we have with Allah.

Please download the pdf link for the rest of Part 1 Introduction of An Explanation of the beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah.

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