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Publication time: 15 January 2013, 17:38

Against the background of false reports by Western media about “successful containment of Mujahideen in central Mali”, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Coalition are exploiting success.

The Press Office of Ansar al-Din reports that the Mujahideen reached on January 15, 2013, the town of Koulikoro – one of the largest in southern Mali (see map). Koulikoro is located only 59 km from the capital Bamako.

Thus, the Mujahideen have closely approached the center of the puppet regime and enter from the rear the enemy-occupied territory. Apparently, French colonialist invaders and their minions will be forced to abandon positions at the city of Sevare (see map), where they now try to retain an airport, and flee to Bamako, writes UmmaNews.

The fighting for Koulikoro lasted 3 days, the clashes were fierce. As a result, military puppets fled the city under the pressure from the Mujahideen units. Western media are silent, as usual in such cases.

In addition, the Command of Ansar al-Din refuted rumors that the city of Konna (see map), liberated by the Mujahideen last Thursday, fell under new French attacks. The heroic Islamic fighters are continuing to control it.

Islamic sources report that fighters of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) were able to eliminate 100 military puppets and capture 300 puppet soldiers as a result of recent fightings in the mountains east of the country (apparently, these are the mountains near Konna).

Ansar al-Din reports that the Niger puppets bombed the city of Menaka (see map), near the border with Niger. A city mosque was subjected to bombings, killing a Muslim woman. The heroic Mujahideen repelled the attack using anti-aircraft guns.

Simultaneously, the bombardments of other cities, liberated by the Islamic Coalition, are continuing. The victims of French terrorist air strikes are Muslim women, children, and elderly. The AP quoted a resident of Diabaly (see map), who said:

“They bombed the town all night long. I am hiding inside a house. They only stopped this morning at about 6 am”.

Diabaly is in close proximity to the administrative center – the city of Segou (see map). Paris said it had evacuated 60 French citizens out of it.

A French defense minister Le Drian said invading French colonialists would increase their occupation contingent to 2.500 bayonets. Earlier, a French president, Hollande, boasted that 750 colonial troopers were involved in military operations against the Mujahideen of Azawad.

On Tuesday night, a French armored convoy (about 40 units) arrived to the capital of Mali, Bamako, from Ivory Coast.

Hollande met his puppets in the UAE. On the French military base in Abu Dhabi, a French foreign ministet, Fabius, said:

“We expect Gulf Arab states help with our African Expedition in Mali, possibly with materials or financing”.

Secular Tuareg rebels, who had previously held peace talks with Ansar al-Din and promised to renounce all forms of violence, announced their support to French crusaders in war on Islam.
“We’re ready to help, we are already involved in the fight against terrorism”, said a representative of the “Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA)”.

“We can do the job on the ground. We’ve men, weapons and, above all, the desire to get rid Azawad of terrorism”, he added.

Invading French crusaders want as quickly as possible to replace their units with aborigine colonial formations of the regional group “ECOWAS”. Ringleaders of Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Guinea promise to deploy their puppet soldiers in Mali soon.

America announced that it began supporting the French expedition in Mali.

“The whole thing’s a mess, admitted a senior Nigerian puppet government official – We [the ECOWAS] have no troops with experience for those extreme conditions, we even do not how to keep sand from ruining equipment. And we’re facing battle-hardened guys who live in those dunes”.

“I would advise France not to sing their victory song too quickly, said Oumar Ould Hamaha, a commander of the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MOJWA). – They somehow manage to leave alive Afghanistan. They will never do it Mali. It’s to our advantage that they send French troops on foot. We are waiting for them. And what they should know is that every French soldier that comes to our territory should make sure to prepare his will beforehand, because he will not leave the country alive”.

The AP reports that a large military puppets’ camp was based in Diabaly, liberated by the Mujahideen on Monday. The puppets killed 16 Muslim preachers, who were going to a conference in the capital Bamako, a few months ago in Diabaly.

The AP referring to Ould Hamaha reported that after capturing the base in Diabaly, the survived puppets fled out of the city to the nearest town of Dogofri, located to the north.

It is reported that Emir Oumar Ould Hamaha lived in France about 10 years ago, and he called there for Islam in French mosques.

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