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Abu Unsure October 10, 2011 1

So after some months, the Kawni website has finally been updated, subhanAllaah! The details are long…

For now however, as time is short, we are asking every single individual to spread this word of signing the petition for Brother Babar Ahmed.

Who’s Babar Ahmed?

Babar Ahmad is a British Citizen who has been imprisoned for 8 years now without any evidence against him; imprisonment without evidence is allowed under the terror laws. The brother was physically tortured upon his first arrest and now options are being sought for him to be extradited to the US as it is the US who has asked him to be held in captivity. Please visit the website freebabarahmad.com for full details.

Why should I support him?

The details of why supporting the brother is necessary are many, but if you have any doubts as to whether you should support the brother I suggest you read up on the website mentioned above. If you’re short on time and need things quick, then it is simple, all we are asking you to do is ask the UK Government to allow his trial for whatever allegations have been made to take place in the UK, and not allow him to be extradited to the US. Now, whatever background there is to this case, as Babar is a British Citizen isn’t this fair and just?? [Na'am ya Aba Maryam] But for this appeal to be approved 100,000 signatures are required by the 10th of November, that’s not long.

That’s fine, so how do I sign?

See the poster below, click it and you’ll be lead to the UK government petitions page where you enter some details and that’s it.

What else can I do?

Please email and forward this to as many people as you know to help spread the word. A challenge to everyone is to get atleast 10 signatures from his family and friends. If they don’t know how to use a computer, you can complete the form for them asking them for their details.

If you were to be in the same position as Babar tomorrow, I wonder if people would abandon this duty the way you do today. – Abu Maryam

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