News of the Week: 26.06.11

Abu Mujahid June 29, 2011 0

On This Weeks News: In the UK, brother Babar Ahmed who was arrested in 2003 for being a suspected terrorist and brutally beaten by police has found his attackers being acquitted for brutally assaulting Babar.

The US has announced troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the first major withdrawal after a 10 year long campaign fighting the Taliban and Afghan resistance fighters. In the Middle East, the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Gaddafi for committing war crimes in Libya. Protests continue in Syria in the midst of a gathering of 150 dissidents in Damascus to discuss the crisis in their country. In Palestine, Israel has threatened any journalist on board on the Flotilla II which set sail to break the Gaza blockade, that they will be barred from entering the country in a move to stifle coverage of potential Israeli actions against the protesters on board. This and more, click to find out.

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