News of the Week: 19.06.11

Abu Mujahid June 19, 2011 0

On This Weeks News: The war continues to ravages on in Libya and the massacres continue in Syria where dozens of protesters were killed on Friday. The Syrian army storms a town near the Turkey border where Syrian people have been fleeing into to escape the violence. Yemen remains in a deadlock with President Saleh still in Saudi Arabia recieveing treatment after his presidential compound was attack a few weeks ago.

In Holland, Muslims and Jews appealed to lawmakers not to pass a ban on ritual slaughter so animals cannot be killed via halal slaughtering. In Tajikstan, a former mostly Muslim Soviet country, lawmakers have passed a legislation banning children from attending Mosques in a clear example of restricting Islam. During Soviet era, all countries adopted atheism as official philosophy where religion of all kinds were suppressed. In Saudi, women defy a government ban by driving cars openly in protest against the restriction.

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