For how long…

Bint Abdur Ra'uf June 9, 2011 3

For how long are we going to do, what we do?

For how long, for how long are we going to be heedless of the signs of Allaah (SWT)

for how long are we going to be busy with the Dunya (World),

busy making money, chasing our dreams, following our desires?

We know my brothers and sisters that death is a reality;

you can’t run away from death,

even if you were in a fortress with wall built up high, death is going to come and find you.

Imagine your time is today, what have you got to take back to Allaah (SWT),

have you repented for your sins, for this temporarily life.

You have given up eternal bliss and eternal happiness, life which never ends.

My dear brothers and sisters,

even if the hereafter was soil and mud and this dunya was gold and silver,

still the hereafter will be better than this dunya,

because it is eternal, for reality is;

this dunya is mud and soil and the hereafter is gold and silver, and yet,

we choose this life over the next, are we asleep,

why are we walking around like headless chickens, we will be brought to account.

On the day when everyone will be a stranger to another,

when your best friend in this dunya will be a stranger to you in the next,

when your mother is going to abandon you,

just to save herself, the day, when every small action that you ever did,

you will be showed, every atom weight of good and every atom weight of evil.

My dear brothers and sisters, this is the promised day of Allaah (SWT),

doesn’t your heart tremble with fear,

knowing that you will be brought to account and how you will die and that’s how you will be raised,

that day when a Childs hair will turn grey due to the shock and fear,

what will be your excuse on that day?

When your limbs, your own legs are going to give witness against you,

when your lips are going to be sealed and your legs are going to speak and say,

‘Ya Allaah, he made me walk to this haram’

and your own hands are going to say, ‘Ya Allaah, he used me to touch this haram,

on that day my dear brothers and sisters, there is no refuge, except with Allaah (SWT).

There is no escape, so take heed before your time is up,

We ask Allaah (SWT) to make us amongst the Saabiquns,

the group of people who race each other to good deeds


these people will closest to Allaah (SWT) in the next life.

Speaker: Abdullah Mubarak


  1. Abu Ubaidah Ibn Tahi June 9, 2011 at 3:18 pm Reply Tweet

    Ali ibn Abi Talib (radiallaahu 'anhu) said: "People are asleep and awaken at death"

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  2. - June 15, 2011 at 1:54 am Reply Tweet


    Sheikh Zahir Mahmood, parable of this world, 4mins – off the hook masha'Allah!

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  3. Umm ibtihaal June 15, 2011 at 9:50 pm Reply Tweet

    Imam Ibn al-Jawzi (rahimahullah):

    "O you who persists on mistakes and wrong doings;

    O you who has turned away from what the most Loving and Compassionate commands;

    O you who obeys the falsifier of the path and the creator of calamities .

    How long are you going to insist on your misbehavior?

    How long are you going to keep yourself distant from your Lord?

    How long will you seek from this world what you cannot have, and keep away from the other world by that which you cannot possess?

    Neither are you sure of what Allah prepared of sustenance for you, nor are you satisfied with that which He has commanded for you.

    O my brother, by Allah! Admonition does not seem to benefit you!

    Afflictions do not seem to threaten you!

    Time does not leave you and the call of death does not reach your ears!

    As if, you poor man, would live forever andyou weren't meant to expire and be forgotten?"

    Source: al Bahr ad-Dumoo' -The sea of tears

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