What if hunger is what…

Bint Abdur Ra'uf May 5, 2011 0

What if hunger is what terminates you?

For us, a thought into action can be changed in a mere count down as 3 is to 1.

A pang of hunger, when the brain signals, can be easily answered to.

Because we have THAT much.

We know this call can be terminated before our arms stretch forth to touch.

The varieties of food lie ahead in the plane of our fingertips.


What about those whose thoughts remain as thoughts.

Whose thoughts become that which terminates?

What about those who go day and day out dreaming of what could be.

Their hunger, their shelter, their warmth, their comfort, their life;

If this is what you call LIVING.

Do ever pause to think about that which they strive?

We sit, we sleep, we lay on the thought that our plight of hunger when it pangs;

Will be removed in minutes, hour or maybe two.

Because we have THAT much.

What about those?

Who sit anxiously, sleep in agony and lay because they can stand no more.

Can they stretch out to receive what once was a thought,

which we HOPE did not end with a thought?

All because of US and OUR egotistic ways.

We receive yet we do not give!

Ya Muslimoon spread out your provisions which you have been blessed with by your Lord.

Know that It was not YOURS in your first place.

(If you can find in your heart to aid those who NEED you, please give as little as you can to this cause http://www.justgiving.com/4Allaahs-Shade Please?)

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