The Mercy of Allaah

Bint Abdur Ra'uf February 3, 2011 1


Not a word in the room.

Conversing with the thoughts running around in my head.

What have I done today?

My actions and words fast forwarded in the ‘screen’ ahead.

Almost like a picnic blanket that has been spread.

What have I achieved today?

My mind briefly pauses.

What good have I brought forward & what evil have I warded?

I try and contemplate, but nothing seems trivial or vital to be awarded.

None the less, it is all being recorded.

Perhaps the very little of Khayr put across,

May have sealed my book of deeds.

To us it may go unnoticed but Allaah ['Azza Wa Jal] has been pleased.

It’s a fine line between our salvation and our destruction.

Maybe this ideology may strike my attention.

The little is not so very little!

We face a life of temptation.

Ya Rabb, please don’t let this obstruct us.

When the final trumpet blows, if only we knew what was our status.

Oh Lord of the A’lameen, it is you who can save us.

Please do not deny us.

Your mercy prevails over your wrath.

Oh Allaah, have mercy on us!

O’ Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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  1. Umm Zaynab February 4, 2011 at 10:36 am Reply Tweet

    MashaAllah very good poem, May Allah have mercy on us all. Ameen

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