News of the Week: 06.02.11

Abu Mujahid February 6, 2011 0

On This Weeks News: Hundreds of thousands of protestors continue protests for the 13th day against Hosni Mubarak’s regime. The Muslim Brotherhood for the first time has been invited to talks by the government to discuss the political crisis. In Yemen, 20,000 protestors call for the ousting of President Abdullah Saleh. In Tunisia, leader of the Ennahda, the Islamic movement of Tunisia, returns home after 20 years in exile and is greeted by thousands of the movements supporters.

In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron warns Muslims against against harbouring ‘extremist’ preachers and calls for funding to organisations who don’t share British liberal values to stop – this coincides with a massive demonstration by the EDL in Luton.

Also, former U.S. President, George Bush forced to cancel trip to Switzerland organised by the United Israel Appeal out of fear for protests against his support of torture against Guantanomo Bay detainees.

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