News of the Week: 29.01.11

Abu Mujahid January 29, 2011 0

On This Weeks News: This week was a rollercoaster in events unfolding across the Arab world. Thousands protests in Arab capitals and major cities in Egypt, Jordan and Yemen calling for the ousting of the president and the collapse of the ruling regime. This follows the Tunisian revolution which began when a young man set himself alight when he was denied to sell vegetables in a street market by the police – this prompted a wave of protests which eventually lead to what is known as the Tunisian ‘Jasmine Revolution and inspired never to be seen before mass protests in Egypt and Yemen. Hosni Mubarak clings on to power and the protesters have promised to not to stop protesting.

In Palestine, Aljazeera obtain 1,600 files relating to secret negotiations and discussion by the Palestinian Authority and Israel in which major concessions is made by the PA in a manner which could be describing as begging Israel to give even a ‘fig leaf’. According to the documents, PA security forces collaborated with their Israeli counterpart in operations, and even with the MI6 against the Hamas movement.

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