News of the Week: 22.01.11

Abu Mujahid January 22, 2011 1

On This Weeks News: Tunisia continues its revolution – from dictatorship to people power. Interim Prime Minister promises to leave politics after elections due to be held in 6 months time after announcing general amnesty for all political prisoners including the exiled-leader of Islamic social and political movement, Rachid Ghanoushi of the Ennahda. Also, imams no longer obliged to praise the former shamed dictator himself in Friday khutbahs and police are no longer present outside Jumu’ah prayers. In the UK, Baroness Warsi, a female Muslim politician who is current chair of the Conservative Party says Islamophobia is normal and accepted in the UK. Also, UK government have been complicit in the torture of British citizens visiting Bangladesh in a notorious ‘torture centre’ on alleged ground of terrorism. In Palestine, French Foreign Minister mobbed by Gazans protesting against alleged comments denouncing the capture and holding of Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit – this later turned out to be a fabricated by an Israeli Radio Station. And much more news stories.

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    bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

    small request that you please make du'aa for the muslims afflicted all over the world. may allah [swt] hasten the relief of this ummah. aameen.

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