News of the Week: 15.01.11

Abu Mujahid January 15, 2011 0

On This Weeks News: Tunisia dictators forced out of power after mass public protests against corruption, lack of jobs and rising inflation thus shaking the authoritarian and oppressive rule of dictators across North Africa. In England, Jack straw who was infamous for calling the Niqab into question, now makes derogatory remarks about British Pakistani men targeting White under-age girls who are ‘easy meat’. According to Afghan minister, Taliban is ready to drop opposition to girls attending school and elsewhere in Pakistan, the Pakistani Taliban claimed to be responsibile for torching NATO oil trucks headed to Afghanistan. Lebanon government collapses as Hezbollah and allies quit cabinet in response to a UN tribunal which are expected to implicate at least three members of Hezbollah in the killing of the current Prime Minster’s father. Guyana becomes the 6th Latin America country to recognise a Palestinian state on the ’1967 border’. Finally, right-wing extremist bloggers (rather influential in the world of Comic Books) vent anger at DC comics to introduce Batman’s latest ally in Paris, a French Muslim of Algerian origin who is codenamed ‘Nightrunner’.

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