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Abu Unsure November 23, 2010 14

Are you thinking about applying for a job? Are you fed up with your life and feel like a change? Do you want to try something new, exciting and challenging? Then the perfect career awaits you with huge £££rewards and £££incentives that will keep you smiling and give you that peace of mind that you so desperately looking for. Look no further >>>

Job Description

Your primary role will be to:

1. Worship and serve Allaah alone.

2. Follow teachings of Prophet Muhammad [Peace and blessings be upon him]

3. Observe 5 pillars.

4. Do Da’wah and Jihad (struggle) for Allaah’s sake.

Person Specification

This vacancy is available to EVERY Muslim, male and female of all ages. Absolutely no qualifications are necessary. You should be able to work hard under pressure as things may get a little rough during the course of your journey and you should have good interpersonal skills to convey with wisdom the message and mission of the organisation. You should also be COMMITTED, DEDICATED and CONSCIOUS.

The following qualities will aid you in your task:

1.  Eman [faith]

2.  Taqwa [Conscience]

3.  Hikmah [Wisdom]

4.  Adab [Good manners]

5.  Ikhlas [Sincerity]

Vacancy Summary

Job Title: Da’ee-ilallaah [Caller to Islam]

Job Type: Permanent, Strictly Full-Time

Start Date: ASAP – work starts now so don’t delay!

Working Shifts: 24/7, 365.4 days per year


How to Apply: Make sincere repentance with sincere intentions

Location: Anywhere and Everywhere!!!

Salary: Extremely rewarding,

Ref No: [Al-Baqarah 2:143], [At-Tawbah 9:111], [As-Saff 61:10-11],

O you who believe, shall I tell you of a business deal that will save you from a painful torment? It is that you should believe in Allaah and His Messenger, and should strive hard and fight in the cause of Allaah with your wealth and your lives. This would be best for you if you only knew. 1

Surely Allaah has purchased of the believers their lives and their belongings and in return has promised that they shall have Paradise. 2


You’ve seen the advert and you know where it comes from, a call by Allaah to all Muslim’s to become employees of Allaah employing all their efforts, resources, lives and wealth in His Cause and in return He will give you the eternal Jannah. Even our Prophet Muhammad was given this noble duty and job which was to give Da’wah and to Witness to Islam. He [Prophet Muhammad] is no longer here, but this job has been passed onto the rest of his Ummah as Allaah says:

….It is thus that We have made you the Community of the “Middle Way” so that you may be witnesses before mankind and the Messenger may be a witness before you. 3

We should therefore jump at this opportunity to work for the best Employer [Allaah] and for the best organisation [the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad], because it is this career or profession that will satisfy our highest need, the need to Serve and Worship Allaah.

[This should have been included at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!!!].


Al Kawni aims to provide a platform for Muslims to utilise their skills in the Dunya in order to secure a place in the Akhira. [We call it the DNA Project - hint: Dunya 'N' Akhira].

Whatever you want to do, whatever idea you have, we want to provide the opportunity for you to work towards channelling your ‘Dunya’ skills for the ‘Akhira’ in order to attain the highest station possible in the forever Jannah.

To get involved with this initiative and to get the opportunity to write articles, create videos, start a charity campaign, what follow are 3 simple steps:

Become an Author

Step 1. Register as a user to the website [You have to do this yourself. Click Here to register]. This is so that you’re able to post articles and material on to the site. [If your initiative doesn't revolve around articles on the site skip to step 2.]

Step 2. Complete the mini form below. As soon as you’re approved you will be able to start posting articles! If you have any ideas and so on they’ll be considered and you’ll be contacted to take the project forward to another level InshaAllaah.

Step 3. Click Send. [Simples]

Mini Form

Enter Your Username: [This is the one you registered to Al Kawni with]

Enter Your Email: [Update information will be sent here, so make sure it's genuine!]

Select Your Gender: [This is to ensure you are dealt with by the same gender.]

 Brother Sister

How Would You Like to Help? [Check as many as you want!]

 Poster Designer Audio Editor Video Editor Article Author Other

If You Selected ‘Other’ or Have Further Ideas / Suggestions / Advice / Comments, Then Please Enter Details:


  1. As-Saff 61:10-11
  2. At-Tawbah 9:111
  3. Al-Baqarah 2:143


  1. sis November 23, 2010 at 2:30 pm Reply Tweet

    MashaAllaah! Rarely do you find something Islamically beneficial and at the same time funny. It actually made me laugh!

    May Allaah reward you and raise you in your ranks. Aameen!

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  2. - November 24, 2010 at 1:43 am Reply Tweet

    bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

    i have a question please insha'allah:

    the article states, "…satisfy our highest need, the need to serve and worship Allah."

    if you don't mind my asking, how was this understanding/conclusion arrived at; that the highest need is to worship Allah [swt]?

    i pray this question leads to something fruitful and pleasing to allah [swt]. aameen.

    jazaak'allahu khairan


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  3. Umm Yusuf November 25, 2010 at 12:36 am Reply Tweet

    MashAllah Really good post!

    Erm to answer the sister's question, Wallahu'alam but I would say proberly becuase to worship Allah is the reason for our existence as Allah's (swt) says "I didn't create Jinn or Mankind except to worship Me." Thats what I made of it… wallahu'alam. I hope someone else answers inshaAllah. JazakAllh khair wasamu'alaikum.

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  4. Umm Yusuf November 25, 2010 at 12:37 am Reply Tweet

    Forgive my very bad typo, i meant PROBABLY… got mixed up wiv properly!

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  5. - November 26, 2010 at 12:35 am Reply Tweet

    bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

    umm, i came here to offer an explanation in relation to my previous post, and to identify what i felt was the true 'highest need' a slave has.

    however, after writing for the better part of an hour, one hit of the wrong button and it's all gone! alhamdulillah for everything. no doubt this was better.. perhaps something had entered into my intention.

    khair, umm, i will leave it for now insha'allah. perhaps we will return to it at some point, and allah knows best.

    sister umm yusuf: jazakillahu khair for your response. masha'allah, i stewed over it for a while, but i don't know if i agree… you've identified the purpose for which we are created; the real, true goal of the slave in this world: to worship allah [swt]. but is the purpose and the need the same thing? perhaps through working towards our greatest purpose, we fulfill our greatest need..

    ah shucks, well aint that just a big fat clue..!

    think about it like this, what do you get out of your worship and servitude to allah? what do you actually attain from it?

    perhaps in your answer to my latter question, you will identify your greatest need. and perhaps, if that is the case, you will see how servitude and worship of allah are not the greatest need, but rather the means by which we ultimately attain that need insha'allah.

    [or perhaps i've just got the wrong end of the stick, and thus, perhaps some more, that i'm completely and utterly wrong! throw the floor open to debate insha'allah!]

    no really, if you find that my inclinations are straying from the correct understanding, then i sincerely ask you to correct me. in fact i would say it is a duty upon you.. wallahu alam.

    jazaakumullahu khairan


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  6. Umm Muhyialdin November 27, 2010 at 7:19 pm Reply Tweet

    to add onto whats been said and offer my own thoughts : The best thing a muslim can do (what he needs to do) and the greatest thing would be to sincerly and devoutly worship his Lord as by doing this he will truly achieve contentment in this life and fulfil his true purpose in this dunya which bi'ithnillah fruits the mumin's place in the highest of jannaats his final and most desirable abode, a most genorous of motivation. Alhamdulilah thumma Alhamdulilah. a muslim has a great need to serve his Lord in order to obtain the greatest of rewards, also to live the most successful of lives in this dunya as our need to serve and worship Allaah is to help us obtain both the dunya and the ahkirah. perhaps we all mean the same thing but words do not do justice to whats meant.

    wAllaahu ta'ala Alam

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  7. Mohammed November 28, 2010 at 1:34 am Reply Tweet

    Salaam all, We need more creativity and imagination in our dawah work in order to connect to the masses and present Islam in way they can relate to. Nowadays everybody is jobless and graduate careers looks bleak, so you can only assume how eager people will be to click the link to this post…. and they might just end up applying to a job they didn't realise exist, the perfect job advertised in this post.

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  8. Aishah Foreman December 1, 2010 at 4:25 pm Reply Tweet

    Alhamdulilah my career search is over. Jazakallah khairan for posting the greatest career ever. I ACCEPT.

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  9. Mikael Abdul-Kariem December 3, 2010 at 2:02 am Reply Tweet

    I have submitted my application long ago with my shahadah, I have been interviewed, and accepted this position. I await my retirement in Jannah. May Allah ta a'la find us worthy and may he accept our deeds, forgive our sins and grant us Paradise. Ameen

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  10. - December 3, 2010 at 6:05 pm Reply Tweet

    Aameen. Subhan'Allah.

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  11. Anon March 24, 2011 at 10:27 pm Reply Tweet

    Working Shifts: 24/7, 365.4 days per year

    theres only 365.25 days a year

    Physically impossible !

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  12. Abu Umayr March 24, 2011 at 10:50 pm Reply Tweet

    Looks like the Job is providing barakah in your time subhanaAllaah, you get more!

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  13. Umm Mujahid March 24, 2011 at 11:24 pm Reply Tweet

    MashaAllaah – Aameen to your dua Mikael Abdul-Kariem, may Allaah have mercy on you and us and forgive us all for our deficiencies and accept us into jannah Allaahumma Aameen

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  14. Tawakkul July 4, 2011 at 2:06 am Reply Tweet

    mashallah! very nice I enjoyed reading that! made me smile

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